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4 Lifestyle Tweaks to Thrive this Spring

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, one of the main principles for optimal health is to eat with the seasons. This means that the season will determine the lifestyle you adopt.

We are fortunate to have access to all sorts of fruits and vegetables all year round. We can eat mangoes in the winter, strawberries in the fall and cherimoya pretty much anytime we want. But in Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is believed that the best fruits and vegetables are those that grow naturally in your region. Your body is accustomed to a certain temperature and climate and the food you eat should also be reflected on the environment. This aligns us with the rhythms of the earth and brings us to a place of balance and harmony with the world around us. In addition to the metaphysical reason to eat locally, local fruits and vegetables just taste better. These fruits and vegetable didn’t have to travel far to get to you, so they are more likely to be fresher, plumper and juicier than imported produce.

In TCM, every season has a correlating organ of the body. For example. in the spring it is the liver. The liver supports other life-giving organs: the heart, the lungs, and circulation system. You can think of the liver like the grand central station of body processes as its job is to filter, renew and nourish other body systems. If the liver isn’t in top shape, it can’t do its job properly which can lead to other organs not being able to do their jobs properly which can lead to illness and disease. When the liver is functioning properly, the body is under less stress and can function with ease.

Spring is the perfect time to pay special attention to your liver. In fact, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, it’s recommended to do a liver cleanse or a liver detox that will rid your liver of any toxins it may be carrying. But, you don’t need know how to do clean your liver to get that liver up and functioning again, just follow these 4 simple tips for a healthy spring:

Wake up Earlier

Try waking up earlier this spring. Waking up earlier will allow your body to settle in to the rhythms of the rising and setting sun. You may find your body is able to function better and you may also experience more energy!

Exercise More:

Movement is key in TCM. Letting your chi flow through qi gong, yoga or simply running can do wonders to your body and liver functions. Also consider getting an acupuncture treatment which will allow for maximum chi flow. Exercise is also a great way to combat depression which can be a symptom of an imbalanced liver.

Drink Lemon Water

Lemon water is amazing for your liver, especially early in the morning. Drinking it warm will also enhance the benefits.

Keep Breathing

The excitement of spring can have your heart beating more than it’s used to. Take time to do some deep breathing by yourself. Focus your breath on your liver and breathe, imagining your liver expanding. This practice will allow proper blood flow to your liver and other body organs.