Did you know that low back pain is the #1 ranked disability in the United States?

Services for Acute and Chronic Pain Relief

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Calm the nervous system, restore homeostasis and release natural painkillers.

Starting at $150

Dry Needling

Muscle motor point acupuncture is targeted to reboot tight and fatigued muscles.

Starting at $120


Manual tissue therapy loosens, detoxes and hydrates tight muscles and fascia.

Starting at $120

Stress and Anxiety Coaching

Constant stress leads to pain and inflammation. As a team, we will address both so you can finally feel like yourself again.

6 Session Package | $500

Corrective Exercise

Movement and posture analysis with a personalized exercise plan is designed to undo poor posture and chronic injuries.

Starting at $120

The Stress Less Method®

Ready to get to the root of it all and feel like yourself again?

My Favorite Tips for Living Pain-Free

Turn down the heat. Low-grade inflammation caused by diet, stress and chronic injury keeps our bodies in constant pain. Eating a diet rich in whole foods and limiting salt and alcohol will help to keep things cool.

Prop up your posture. Simply keeping your computer monitor at eye level will help to alleviate neck pain, shoulder tension and eye strain.

Get your ZZZ’s. Sleep is your body’s reset. Eight hours of deep sleep helps our bodies to reboot and clean out pain-causing inflammatory proteins.

Take a break. Set a timer to go off every hour and get up from your desk. Giving our muscles and circulatory system a chance to reset every hour can help to undo a day’s worth of sitting.

Get holistic. Blended with corrective exercise, health and wellness coaching, acupuncture and functional medicine can help you set yourself up to enjoy a life without chronic pain.

I have curated a list of my favorite pharmaceutical-grade natural pain reducing products just for you.

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