I work one-on-one with patients who are committed to putting their own needs first by investing in their health and making their wellness goals a priority. My role is to assist you in co-creating a life of health, happiness and resiliency.

Stress & Anxiety Coaching

You are the expert in your own life. I am an expert in health, wellness and behavior change. When we come together as experts on an equal footing, real and lasting transformation can take place.

As a Certified Health Coach and Behavior Change Specialist, I work with clients to support them in achieving their health and wellness goals regarding generalized anxiety, burnout and stress management.

I believe you already have all the answers and abilities inside – but sometimes we can all use a little support to cut through the clutter, re-prioritize our lives and reclaim our personal power.

Start by booking a complimentary consultation so we can determine if coaching is the right fit for your unique journey. We will work as a team to help you realize your aspirations and clear the chaos so you can finally feel like yourself again.

Listed rates reflect card payment. Exclusive rates are available when paying via cash, check or payment app. Please contact me for details.

Stress & Anxiety Coaching Can Help You

Stress and Anxiety Coaching Offerings


Coaching Consultation

30 minutes

Stress and Anxiety

Coaching Package

6 Session Package | $500

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75 min. | $120

Functional Medicine
Consultation & Lab Review

90 min. | $225

The Stress Less Method®

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Coaching Consultation

This offering is a supportive addition to therapy; it is not intended to replace work you may be engaged in with a licensed psychotherapist, nor is it intended for those in crisis. If you are in crisis, contact emergency services immediately.

Stress & Anxiety Coaching

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Stress & Anxiety Coaching

My role as a certified health coach is to keep you motivated and foster accountability by supporting your desire to live a healthier, more resilient and fulfilling life. One part cheerleader and the other part tough love, I am an approachable expert in nutrition, health, exercise and science with specialized postdoctoral training in strategies for behavior and habit change.

I am not here to do all the heavy lifting for you, but I can help you clear roadblocks, clarify your desires and draw a road-map for lasting stress management and burnout avoidance. Usually, all it takes is a little help to get out of our own way.

This transformation occurs in a lasting, safe, secure and supportive environment. I am in this with you for the long term by bridging knowledge into action and helping you find the best path for your own journey towards greater peace and fulfillment.

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My Coaching Philosophies

• You are the expert in your own life
• You are resourceful and have untapped strengths, abilities and talents
• You already possess the answers inside
• True health honors body, mind and spirit
• I meet you where you’re at
• I leave my ego and agenda at the door
• Coaching is a partnership
• Goals can be big, small or anywhere in between

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Anyone can call themselves a “coach” these days, but few have my training and education. My expertise increases the likelihood of exceptional results for my clients.

• ACE Certified Health and Wellness Coach
• ACE Certified Behavior Change Specialist
• National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching Certification (October 2022). Only a distinguished few have earned this two-year health coaching certification.

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Real Patients,

Real Results

Riley not only listened to me but also HEARD me – what a refreshing experience to have with your health care provider. He attentively talked me through my concerns, continued to check in with me throughout our time together and clearly explained everything in common, everyday language. Not only am I coming back but I loved it so much I booked a weekly appointment for the next two months to manage my stress through the end of the semester.


Dietary Therapy

Let’s Get to Know Each Other Better

Emotional intelligence and empathy are as important as any other tool that I use. I feel it is important for a practitioner to have walked in their patient’s shoes. That doesn’t mean I will have personal experience with every different reason a patient might seek me out for care, of course. This is where empathy comes in. I have narrowed down three areas that I enjoy treating and where I feel that I can make the greatest impact for my patients. These are also areas where I have personal experience and can naturally empathize with patients. These specialties are orthopedics, mental health and internal medicine.

I have been a marathon and long-distance runner for much of my adult life. I am familiar with many sports injuries because I have experienced them, too.

Chronic anxiety has been a constant companion much of my adult life, even before I even knew what to call it. Now I manage it with functional medicine, simple lifestyle adjustments, regular acupuncture and fostering true resiliency in my own life. I have learned to turn anxiety into a superpower, and I love to share these lessons with patients when they are ready.

What life lessons of your own do you enjoy sharing?

The Stress Less Method®


Functional Medicine