Treatment Philosophy

I am here to assist my patients by supporting them as they work toward achieving their personal health and wellness goals. I embrace what it means to be both a provider and a caretaker. My objective is to provide you with superior service in a compassionate, fun and easy-to-understand way that places your vision – not my own agenda – as the first priority.

Every day is new because each patient is unique. No two treatments are ever the same, even when patients seek me out for the same reason. You deserve time, care and attention that is specific not only to your condition but your own life, health history and personal story. This is not a cookie-cutter fast-paced clinic. My strategies are methodical, never rushed and are focused on your benefit. If you are ready to commit to curated and personalized patient care, welcome home.

I respect that my patients are the experts in their own lives. You, as the patient, know what has worked in the past, your strengths, roadblocks, life circumstances, desires, needs and priorities. When we, these two experts – patient and provider – unite in collaboration and communication, true and lasting transformation can take place.

My promise to you:

• I promise to actively listen to you and seek to understand.
• I promise to provide a healing space that is personalized, comfortable and relaxed yet professional and confidential.
• I promise to engage with you at 100 percent of my ability during each visit, knowing that the healing process is built around people and relationships.
• I promise to provide you with timely, clear, direct and scientifically-supported advice and information.
• I promise to compassionately hold you accountable to the healing process. I cannot do all the heavy lifting for you, but I will walk the path with you and set you up for success to the absolute best of my ability.
• I promise to integrate all of my knowledge into a plan tailored specifically to you, your goals and your concerns.
• I promise to take as much time as needed to get a solid understanding and interpretation of your health history, symptoms and unique circumstances.
• I promise to give you as much support as you need from me to gain clarity, understanding and hope regarding your health concerns.
• I promise to support and strengthen your connection to all of the resources at my disposal to realize your health goals.I promise to “walk the walk” by drawing upon my own experiences of health challenges and the way I have brought health and wellness into my own life. I won’t ask you to walk down a path I’ve never walked myself.
• I promise to incorporate and discuss all levels of wellness – body, mind and spirit – when appropriate and when desired by the patient.
• I promise as a HIPAA-compliant provider to safeguard your protected health information.
• I promise to refer out when necessary to my wide network of medical doctors, psychotherapists and social workers, physical therapists, coaches, trainers, nutritionists, fellow doctors of Oriental medicine and other allied health professionals.
• I promise to treat you and include you as an essential part of a larger family of patients taking ownership of their own lives, their health and their happiness.