As a healthcare provider, I treat the safety and well-being of my community as being of paramount importance. These COVID-19 safety protocols are based on guidelines from the CDC, WHO and San Diego Public Health Department that have evolved in physician medical settings during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition, some of the COVID-19 safety measures I have implemented go beyond these basic recommendations. Most are procedures I have been using since the beginning of my practice. I recognize that my patients come to me trusting that I have done everything in my power to maintain a safe and hygienic clinic.

COVID-19 screening questionnaires are required of all new patients prior to coming to the office.

Safety protocols concentrate on masking, ventilation, distancing between patients and disinfection of surfaces.

  1. I am fully vaccinated and current on all boosters. When participating in outside social engagements, errands, etc., I adhere to current COVID-19 preventative measures and recommendations as per the CDC. As a healthcare provider, I strongly believe that it is my personal responsibility to take additional steps in my private life to protect the health of my patients.
  2. In the office, treatment tables and high-touch surface areas are sanitized with hospital-grade disinfectant between patient visits.
  3. I wear a mask at all times and patients are required to do the same before, during and after treatment.
  4. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are available in each room including the restroom.
  5. UV/HEPA air purifiers are located within each room.
  6. All treatment room windows remain open, weather permitting, for ventilation to take advantage of the steady ocean breeze that comes through the office.
  7. A large box fan is directed outward through a window at the end of the common area hallway to provide an extra layer of ventilation and airflow through my suite of treatment rooms and offices.
  8. The restroom is sanitized repeatedly throughout the day.
  9. The waiting room is closed until further notice.
  10. I use two treatment rooms and alternate between them throughout the day. This allows the treatment rooms to ventilate for one or two hours between patients and lets disinfected surfaces completely dry.
  11. Fresh, sanitized linens that thoroughly cover the table and headrest are replaced for each patient visit.
  12. I wash my hands between patients and multiple times during each patient visit.
  13. All cups, gua sha, Theragun™ and other tools are sanitized with hospital-grade disinfectant between patients.
  14. Patients are kindly required to reschedule appointments if they have had cold or flu symptoms within the past 14 days, temperatures in excess of 100.4° F or have been in contact with another individual who has tested positive for COVID-19 within the past 14 days. This applies to all members of their immediate household, as well, regardless of symptom presentation or vaccine status.
  15. Patients are strongly encouraged to test themselves for COVID-19 after domestic and international travel before visiting my clinic.