Did you know that fluctuating levels of estrogen, testosterone and
cortisol each affect our levels of anxiety?

Services for Better Hormonal Health

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Calm the nervous system, restore homeostasis and slow your heart rate.

Starting at $150

Functional Medicine

Imagine learning exact hormone levels and simple changes to smooth out the roller-coaster.
We can do that!

Starting at $225

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbs have been used for thousands of years to soothe unhappy hormones. Together, let’s determine the correct formula for your body.

Starting at $120

Stress and Anxiety Coaching

Together, we will co-create a plan to address hormonal irregularities.

6 Session Package | $500

The Stress Less Method®

Ready to get to the root of it all and feel like yourself again?

My favorite tips to balance hormones

Ditch the plastic. Plastic water bottles and food containers emit chemicals that can interrupt natural hormonal balance. Never microwave plastics – or, better yet, swap them out for glass.

Go natural. Go for all-natural shampoos, soaps, body products and make-up. Grocery store brands contain chemicals that can disrupt our natural hormonal cycles.

Ditch the T. Guys, symptoms of “low testosterone” are often due to overactive estrogen pathways. Before testosterone supplementation, first test how your body is processing estrogen through a functional medicine consultation.

Go for protein. Eating protein at every meal helps supply the body with essential amino acids, the building blocks for hormones.

Get holistic. Correcting hormonal imbalances doesn’t have to be daunting. It is essential to start off with good data and co-create an action plan with a qualified practitioner. Functional medicine and health coaching are great places to start.

I have curated a list of my favorite pharmaceutical-grade natural hormone balancing products just for you.

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