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How To Keep Your Home Germ-Free During COVID-19

There are so many ways that critters can get into our home based upon the normal habits we don’t even think about.  Under regular circumstances this is not a big deal.  Our bodies have the immune system in place and the antibodies to fight most anything it comes in contact with.   While we will […]

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Seven Ways Acupuncture Can Help Men’s Health

I love what I do.  I love San Diego.  I love providing first-rate acupuncture in San Diego along with Chinese Herbal Medicine.  Most of all, I love my patients.  I am drawn to Chinese Medicine because of its 3000 year history and the fact that it treats the body as a whole- not just in […]

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TCM and Libido in Men

When it comes to acupuncture and gender specific issues, most people only know of women’s health and fertility.  However, Traditional Chinese Medicine has an equally long history and solid track record when it comes to treating men’s specific health needs also.