My Approach

My Approach

The status quo is not sustainable. Sure, for a time we can balance busy schedules, ignore the messages our mind and body are trying to tell us, and push down that inner knowing that all is not okay. But, eventually, it catches up.

The feelings of burnout, frustration and relentless anxiety are not your fault. You simply haven’t been shown a more authentic and balanced way to live.

There is another way – a way that prioritizes realistic solutions over quick fixes. A way that honors and respects individuality. A way that seeks to build health naturally. And a way that fosters resiliency by sharing strategies to create a life of health, happiness and peace of mind that you can implement today and use for the rest of your life.

I believe that you already have, deep inside, all the answers you need to create the balanced life and abundant health that you truly desire. Sometimes, we simply need a little help uncovering those hidden answers. This happens only by accepting compassionate guidance and accountability along the way. Receiving support is not weakness – it’s courage.

Together, we will co-create a plan to organize and prioritize your goals, re-balance your health and implement an empowered model of self-care. I’ll be your biggest cheerleader along the way, encouraging you to reclaim your personal power so you can be the grounded, calm and resilient force of nature that I know lies within.

Stress and overwhelm show up in our bodies in different ways. Do you experience one or more of the symptoms listed below?

A sense of dread & overwhelmIrritability and quick to anger
Catastrophizing & spiralingErratic menses
Low energy & fatigueSevere PMS
Insomnia & disturbed sleepHormonal imbalances
MigrainesPoor concentration & memory
Burnout & overwhelmUnexplained weight gain/loss
Pain & inflammationFood sensitivities
Roller coaster emotionsTired and wired
Digestive issuesJumpy and on edge
Anxiety & depressionFeeling “stuck”
Lack of directionLow libido
CandidaLeaky gut

If any of this looks familiar, I see you because I have been there. I’ve come out on the other side and you can, too. Trying to navigate life and put on a smile while dealing with chronic pain, relentless fatigue and crippling feelings of overwhelm – each enough on its own – come along with a long list of connected physical and emotional issues.

But I have good news: there is a pathway out of the chaos. It’s up to each of us to take personal responsibility for our health and break the cycle – not only for ourselves but for those we love and who depend upon us.

Are you ready to embark on this journey together?

HOW do we make the necessary changes?

First, we build a base with a health history and current lifestyle questionnaires – along with some time set aside to just listen to you.

Next come self-administered, targeted at-home lab tests that allow us to dig deep and uncover metabolic imbalances that can directly affect overall health and your sense of well-being. Based on your primary health complaints, I will recommend which labs, if any, are recommended; these might include saliva, urine, blood spot, stool or other specific tests.

WHAT do we actually change?

Using the results from your lab tests and questionnaires, we can determine:

  • How your body is responding to stress – or not!
  • How your body is balancing out hormones, what it’s lacking and what it’s overproducing
  • How healthy your gut is (or isn’t), and whether you are dealing with parasites, bacteria, yeast or toxic overload
  • How your body is detoxing, producing energy and feel-good neurotransmitters
  • How your body is reacting to the most common food sensitivities

Based on your stated goals, we create a plan to:

WHY do we change?

These starting points reveal issues that prevent us from reaching our optimal health and enjoying our lives to the fullest. To reach our full potential, we need a proven path that blends drug-less protocols with behavior, health and lifestyle change.

Attempting to fully live while your reserves are depleted is like trying to drive a car while the gas tank is empty – it’s impossible. The good news is that your car is just out of gas. By discovering and then addressing root health imbalances and lifestyle habits, you are building the tools to overcome overwhelm, chronic pain, exhaustion and burnout. You can feel like yourself again and create the foundation for long-term resiliency.

Nothing changes if nothing changes

Most of the “common” symptoms and ailments people feel are not the result of simply “getting older,” nor can they be explained away as stress, hormones or diet alone. All of these factors interact along with our daily habits and mindsets to either bring the body into balance or out of it. 

We must give our bodies what they need to thrive. The fact is, we are living longer and in a more stressful environment than our ancestors. The old ways are no longer working, so we need a different approach to effectively address pain and burnout.

Are you ready to take a deep, honest look at your health and get to the bottom of pain, relentless anxiety and frustration? Are you ready to feel like the person you know is deep down inside? Then let’s chat and get to work!